Test automation alternatives

Manual testing

In today's technology driven world, it is natural to expect large scale testing to be automated. Yet many testers still use manual testing as a form for testing middleware and Smart TV applications. The downsides of this testing practice almost always include huge amount of repetitive clicking after each change in code and the efficiency is related to the tester.

In addition, QA engineer training takes up to 6 months, testing time is usually limited to working hours and the need for testers increases along with the number of platforms the application has to support.

Video based testing

Another popular approach is using Optical Character Recognition tools (Witbe, Takt Engine, STB Tester etc) for video based testing purposes which require about a month for setup, training and test portfolio build-up. These tools are also often very sensitive to UI changes.

There are many benefits to using the Simote platform for testing purposes compared to manual testing or video based testing tools. Some of them are listed in the table below for better contrast.

Compare simote

Features Manual Video Simote
Start effective testing from day one x x
Same test can be used in parallel on different devices / platforms x x
Tests not sensitive to UI changes x
Works with dynamic content x
Provices automatic steps to reproduce the problem x
Works 24/7, unlimited tests devices x
Easy to create and manage test portfolio through a single web portal x
Able to test video related quality experience x x
Superior intelligence for testing complex unstructured problems x x