Start testing in less than a day

  1. Integration to your TV or STB app is easy - just add a simple code snippet to the source of your application.
  2. Record test cases with a standard remote control, just like a regular user would surf your application. No scripting is required.
  3. Play recorded tests on desired devices, analyze results and troubleshoot found issues - in majority cases, Simote is able to pinpoint the actual root cause of the problem.

Test as many devices as you want

Hook up as many parallel test devices as needed. The same tests can be used on multiple platforms (Samsung, LG, Motorola and many others). Just record it once and use it on all devices.

Discover bugs by using Simote as a tool for 24/7 stress testing on different devices. Applications run on different devices can help you pinpoint more defects or performance issues in need of further review.

tv stb and simote

Discover error sources

Steps to reproduce errors are shown clearly with reports constructed in the Simote portal, which provides access to the whole Simote functionality. In addition to that, engineers and developers can get an overview of the whole application performance of their services.


Application errors

Device crashes

Performance metrics

monkey test example

"Monkey" test

Sometimes creating general automation tests is simply not enough. Figure out corner cases in testing by using probabilistic key press automation:

  • Define the desired key presses
  • Configure the probability of each key press relative to one another
  • Start testing (let the Monkey out of the cage)

Other notable features

Fully scriptable API

Simote is scriptable through an API. This provides simple integration with other systems. For example script a system that downloads the data based on the previous day from the repository and update the tests accordingly.

Full access to the source

Access the source code of the Simote application and add extra functionality as needed. Customize and host the Simote source to operate has your own in-house solution.


DOM structure analysis & JIRA integration

P.S! We are also flexible with our product features depending on your needs. If you find that Simote is interesting but lacking something you would definitely require, then it is always possible to reach an agreement.