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of test automation with Simote


Simple test creation

Record tests with just a standard remote control. Use it to navigate the applications as you would use it at home - no scripting required!


Test as many devices as you want

Record on one device, deploy on multiple devices and platforms. The same tests can be used in parallel on LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc. devices.


Comprehensive reporting & analysis

Capture events such as device restarts/crashes, application errors, performance metrics and more. Access to reports and test portfolio management in a centralized web portal from anywhere.

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Your performance metrics



Higher productivity

Productivity increase per tester +320% (automated tests running 24/7)



Less testers for single tasks

Reduce workforce resources required for managing the test portfolio by 2/3 and allocate them to other more practical issues



Increase error detection

Discovery of errors and memory leaks increased by +150%

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A tool for developers, designed to solve the real-world challenges of automated UI black-box testing. Simote issues commands to the device-under-test in the same way a real user does (typically using an infrared remote control).

Simote then collects feedback from the device-under-test playback recordings and technical logs to provide data and analytics about device crashes, application errors and performance metrics.

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